Paul Mampilly: Industrial Production Boom

Ever since a potential trade for what’s first hinted at in the media, there have been many attempts to sow fear in the hearts of the American people by the media. It can be incredibly confusing trying to wade through all of the information to determine just what you should invest your money in when there is so much misinformation around. Paul Mampilly has recently published his investment newsletter article regarding the potential effects that this trade war will have between the United States and China on the health of the US economy. Paul Mampilly is uniquely positioned to give informed advice to his readers as he has over 20 years worth of his successful investing experience on Wall Street.

Today Paul Mampilly spends most of his time spreading the wealth by crafting and publishing his investment advice articles for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has recently published an article regarding a new potential boom in industrial company stocks in the United States of America as a direct result of the trade war that is occurring between the United States and China. Paul Mampilly says, if you take a small amount of time and actually look at the indicators of economic health such as industrial capacity utilization and industrial production the economy is doing very well.

He believes that the recent agreement by the North American free trade Association which states that any car sold within the US need to have at least 75% of their parts made within the borders of the United States of America will be a huge boost to auto manufacturers. According to Paul the easiest way to get into this market is to purchase an exchange-traded fund which is made up of several different kinds of industrial companies. There are a few exchange-traded funds that have a diverse set of portfolio options. He believes that if you want to make truly large returns on your investment the absolute best thing to do is to target specific companies that put machinery into the economy. It is a growing market and the trend will likely continue to hold true for many years.

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