Jeremy Goldstein’s View on Stock Options

A significant number of companies have stopped offering their employees with stock options. The measure was taken by firms as a way of increasing profitability by saving on running costs. However, the reason behind the sudden change is more complex. Most companies stop providing knockout options due to various reasons. For example, stock options can appear worthless to staff members where economic challenges arise. The other reason is that a company may incur additional costs that may lead to financial burdens. Also, employees may stop enjoying benefits when the value of stock options goes below a particular value.



Despite the above setbacks, stock options are still better than equities, additional wages, and insurance among other benefits enjoyed by employees. The reason behind stock options being more beneficial is the fact that employees can understand them more easily. With stock options, the employees in any given company get the same value. If a company’s value increases, the earning of each employee increase due to the stock options offered. As a result, employees feel motivated to harder than before thus increasing sales and improving customer relations. Employees also ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised because clients lead to increased company profits. Employees also understand that if the company’s income increases, they earn more from it. This motivates them to work hard.


However, specific Internal Revenue Service orders present challenges when offering equities to staff members. This situation occurs when companies only compensate top officials. Businesses that only offer top employees with compensation may suffer increased taxes if they decide to provide equities to staff. It is worth noting that tax cannot increase if a company offers stock options.


Offering stock options enables companies to avoid incurring excessive costs. Such firms should come up with the most effective strategies for significantly reducing initial costs and different types of expenses. The most suitable strategy for such company is embracing the ‘knockout’ as a way of creating a barrier. Companies should note that stock options have different vesting requirements. Stock options are also subject to time limits. If the share value of an organization drops below a set limit, an employee may lose stock options which is not a desirable thing.


Jeremy Goldstein is among the founding members of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His company is helpful to companies and individuals because it offers them insightful advice. The company serves investors, leadership teams, and CEOs among others. The company is widely known to offer incredible services such as corporate transformation, compensation inquiries, and corporate governance.


Before Jeremy Goldstein established his company, he worked in other notable companies. Jeremy Goldstein has led to major successful company transactions. One of the major transactions he led includes working with Goodrich Company. Jeremy Goldstein is considered one of the most suitable lawyers to effectively handle major corporate issues globally. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Wins Big

The state of Texas in the United States of America is home to Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies specializes in the area of technology safety and they have been providing this service to the United States of America for around 30 years. Their offices can be found from coast-to-coast since they cover over 1000 presence and ensure the safety of 1.2 million prisoners. Their products are mainly used by law enforcement and correctional officers both in the prison system and outside.


Securus Technologies takes pride in knowing they can handle any security measure that inmates may throw at them. Around six years ago, a new problem developed the Securus Technologies has sought to end. This is the problem of citizens using a hobby drone to deliver contraband items to inmates who are locked inside the prison system.


These hobby drones pose a serious danger to the citizens that live in the area but even more to the correctional officers and prisoners inside. These hobby drones are flown over the prison walls and they land generally inside the courtyard were they drop off a box of harmful goods. Eight times out of ten this box includes some sort of amalgamation of drugs and cell phones and weapons. These drugs are used to barter inside the prison system, these cell phones are used to continue planning crime on the outside, and the weapons are used to kill off other inmates.


Securus Technologies does not want anyone to come to harm so they have begun working tirelessly to stop the threat of the drone. It is their belief that they can use existing technology to deter these drones from coming over the walls of the prison.


Securus Technologies already has a program in place called Wireless Containment Solutions. This has traditionally been used to detect and intercept cell phone signals coming into and out of the prison. Securus Technologies believes with a little altering they can use the Wireless Containment Solutions to have the same effect on hobby drones. After working with experts in various fields, they have the first tool they need.


Wireless Containment Solutions is now capable of detecting drones as they come into a 1000 foot radius of the prison. After a drone has been detected, they are able to send a scrambled signal to the drone causing it to fly erratically. This erratic behavior will often cause the drone to crash. While Securus Technologies would love to see better technology in this area, they understand the need to work at it.


Securus Technologies has recently been awarded three Stevie Awards because of their innovation a great work in the areas of customer service. They received first, second, and third place.


Doe Deere: CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is an inspiring entrepreneur within the makeup industry, leading most of her sells through social media such as Instagram and YouTube she has transformed the makeup industry with an e-commerce business that has taken off within the past few years. She can equate her success to being a mixture of becoming a hard-working individual along with being self-motivated to reach her goals at a young age. Beginning her journey with an eBay account, she now is one of the most known individuals within the e-commerce businesses today.


She likes to stay productive throughout the day by guiding her employees and also working on her platforms to sell her products keeping her CEO job title a thrilling and thriving experience. Doe Deere always loves to make new ideas and challenge herself when it comes to putting new products in front of her audience by testing and wearing it on others so that she can get the best outcome. Being that most of her products are sold online only, she targets the new generation of entrepreneurs and Millennials to become a brand focused on cosmetics within the e-commerce industry.


Knowing that she has a strong fan base, she can appeal to her audience by showing demonstrations and presenting herself as a role model to the Generation Z crowd (born after 1997). She loves to help other entrepreneurs out and give them advice as needed to succeed while also appealing to women and other minorities around the world. Her brand today is known to be very bright and colorful hence the name Lime Crime, so vibrant that it should be illegal to wear. With styles being as dynamic as they are in today’s world, the company Doe Deere has made will be one that thrives through the next decade to brighten individuals minds and faces with new cosmetics.


Her advice to people wanting to also begin an entrepreneurship role in today’s world is to be a passionate listener when it comes to people giving you help; she says, “there is always something to learn if you’re just willing to open up your ears and your mind.” Doe Deere has become a vibrant figure Within the Cosmetic industry allowing employees to catch onto trends such as the unicorn hair and makeup fad flooding the internet today. One of her favorite quotes that she loves is, “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn – then always be a unicorn!” -Internet wisdom.


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Enhance Your Rear-End In Dallas, Texas With A Butt Lift

The butt lift is far more popular in today’s society than it once was years ago. When it comes to making a dramatic impact on your physical appearance, the butt lift sits at the top of the list. Confidence means everything in life and if you lack confidence, your quality of life will decrease. You’ll definitely be missing out on having fun because you’re so caught-up in your actual look. Depending on the person, a nice lean or plump bum can be the ticket to overall happiness. Did you know that the city of Dallas has a number of high-quality cosmetic surgeons?


This affluent city has top-notch medical facilities all over town. Of course, all cosmetic surgeons aren’t created equal. This is where you should start before embarking on this exceptional journey. Due diligence is the key to success. If you can find the time, make sure to find a cosmetic surgeon that has a similar mind-state as you. Whenever you decide to get the actual procedure, you will need to take some time off from work. The recovery phase is all about less stress and healing. Avoid directly setting straight on your butt. What can be expected? Well, this question is very simple to answer. Patients of butt lift surgery should expect some discomfort, expect some swelling and expect some numbness. This is just a natural part of the process that everyone goes through. You must make sure to go to all of your doctor’s appointments. After about four weeks, you should be up and running.


Depending on your body-type and depending on your specific situation, your doctor/surgeon will choose which treatment is best for you. The treatment is either the traditional or the Brazilian butt lift. Just think about it, you could be sporting a much better backside in only a few weeks and that’s a fact.


The Actual User Feedback of The Remarkable Solutions from Securus Technologies

One of the many technologies today that proves instrumental in improving the security of our prison system is Securus Technologies. The programs and solutions offered by Securus prove to be the leading civil and criminal justice technologies today. Whenever there is a need for investigation in corrections facilities, and there is an intense need for monitoring, it is Securus’ powerful and distinctive programs that can do the job well. In this article, we will explore some of the customer feedback of those who used and got benefited by Securus technologies in prison. Let’s start.


Feedback from Satisfied of Users of Securus Technologies


Among the many people who felt empowered by the technologies brought by Securus is the one unidentified customer who said that what made Securus’ programs commendable is the fact that it can obtain sensitive phone data records to be used for investigation. This provides an essential utility for court staff members who want to get better control of what is happening inside the prison. Many staff in the corrections offices, according to PRNewswire, have been incredibly thankful for how Securus was able to help them with their programs.


Another outstanding feature that its users said about Securus Technologies is its ability to be able to provide to the users a contained set of information about the secret use and sale of alcohol among inmates. One reviewer of Securus commented that many suspicious activities had been prevented because of the vigilance and intense monitoring capabilities of Securus. Past incidents of alcohol use or illegal money transfers didn’t recur because of what Securus Technologies were able to offer in the form of preventive measures.


I believe that this is one of the fantastic things we can read about Securus Technologies. Although there’s still a lot to be expected regarding the real costs of the technologies provided by Securus, it’s already accurate to say that right now Securus can offer a layer of protection that had been impossible before. There’s now a dramatic improvement in how security is monitored in prison cells with Securus, but I believe there’s still so much to be done to make sure that no security breach gets in the system of Securus when it’s monitoring the prison cells.


Lacey Larkin Information and Recap (Featuring DACA)

This article is about the Lacey and Larkin frontier fund, it will also information about DACA as well. GOP extremist members started many fronts of attack over the program of DACA. This altering news is skipping it’s shot across the networks and organizations of young immigrants.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA helps undocumented youth. This is to those who meet some essentials: a social security number, the opportunity to work in the United States for a renewable two-year period, and reprieve from deportation. The program is allowing then to access in-state-tuition fees and an acquiring of a driver’s license.


But, something then happened on September 5th 2017. Earlier, the President of the United States Donald Trump’s administration got a letter from Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney to repeal the DACA program by that date September 5th. This would threaten legal action on the demands met or not. The action wouldn’t be a sudden termination. However, a “Phasing off” is in consideration where new applications won’t be thought of and no renewals would be given. The result was one governor and nine attorney generals of red states putting their names on the letter.


Currently, the program of DACA is in year five of implementation and has been bringing clear benefits to the United States. So far, a percentage of ninety-five either study, work or do both. They give million of dollars to universities and colleges nationwide. This has helped with paying higher taxes and earnings. The economic gains made by individuals of DACA are invested in furthering their education, making new businesses, and purchasing cars and homes. During these tough times the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will give assistance, information, and guidance in the fight to save DACA and fight for a solution which lasts, called A DREAM Act legislation.


It is also important to note that the Center for American Progress had reported some crucial information. This is that 8,508 people as of November 9, 2017 have lost DACA. This is at a rate amounting to 122 each day. This rate will keep on going until Monday March 5. 2017. The number will continue to go up to 30,000 per month or 1,000 each day. This is unless Congress gets the courage to act and looks for a solution for about 800,000 DREAMers in the United States.


Now some more general information about DACA. The main goal of DACA is a type of administrative reassurance from deportation. What they try to do is to secure eligible immigrant youth who arrived to the United States. This is when they were originally children from deportation. Those who join DACA get two things, one is a permit that allows them to work and security from deportation as well. Some requirements are being physically present in the United States since June 15, 2012. Also, if you were under thirty-one years of age on that same date.


Desiree Perez: Rocking the Music Industry Establishment

Women have continued to break the glass ceiling when it comes to challenging the norms in the corporate sector. They have not only challenged the norm of men taking plum and leading job positions; they slotted in successfully. The entertainment industry is a classical case study of the ability of women to successfully steer organizations to operational and financial success. Women such as the award-winning Atlantic executive Julie Greenwald, Michele Anthony and Jennifer Baltimore of Universal Music Group and Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez among others have continued to showcase their excellent managerial skills.

Rihanna’s Samsung Album Deal

Desiree Perez is a well-known tough negotiator with the several deals she has successfully negotiated while working at Roc Nation providing testimony to her excellent skills. The chief operations officer at Roc Nation helped Rihanna sign a $25 million album promotion deal with tech firm Samsung. The album, Anti, will be promoted through a tour by Rihanna. The deal also puts Rihanna on the A-list platform as an artist and markets her brand in the music industry. Perez has been involved with the artist’s inner circle. She is on hand to give the artist advice on financial matters as well as how things run in the music business.

Support for Mariah Carey and Time’s Up campaign

In addition to her management roles at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has continued to support various charities. She has supported initiatives started by female artists’ within the music industry. This includes adding her voice to the Time’s Up Campaign; an initiative started by musician Mariah Carey and aims at ending sexual harassment in Hollywood and within music industry. Mrs. Perez has offered to work with the initiative on a consultative basis. She has also encouraged that the campaign gets extended into the music industry to protect both established and upcoming female artists’. To show her support, she wore black to the Golden Globe Awards.


Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins Successful Career

If you have been observing the Brazilian sports fraternity, then you must have come across the name Rodrigo Terpins. Many people know Rodrigo as an achiever who knows how to go for whatever he wants in life. The businessman has ventured into a career that is respected and feared by many people in the community. Most people love watching the sport on their television, but they do not like taking part in it because of the risks involved. Very many people have lost their lives when engaging in the game. The game is only meant for the brave personalities such as Rodrigo.

In his great career as a rally driver, Rodrigo has managed to compete in several rallies, and his success has always been admired by the young and old. His popularity, however, increased significantly when he took part in the Sertoes Rally. The businessman performed so well, and he won the hearts of very many individuals in the world. His family background has played a leading role in his career choice. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Rodrigo’s father is also a prominent sports person. People who have been watching sports activities respect Jack Terpins because of his contributions while serving the country as a basketball player. Jack was also the president of the prestigious institution known as Latin American Jewish Council. Jack was also fortunate to work as the president of an institution known as Maccabi Latin America Confederation. Check out their website

Rodrigo and his siblings have taken the Brazilian car rally sport to a new level in the recent times. Michael Terpins has won several titles in the past while working as a rally driver. His success in this field motivated his brother to take part in the sport. The brothers have worked together in several events, and they have both performed very well. In a recent interview, the two say that they are passionate about the game, and they take their time to train so that they can offer the kind of entertainment consumers are looking for.Their dedication and hard work in the sport has helped them to win numerous awards in the past. The brothers are loved by people in many parts of the world.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Give Others a Chance to Feel Good About Being a Minority

People who are minorities know there are things they have to struggle with. Even things that would seem simple to those who were not in minority groups are hard on those who are trying to just survive and live their lives.

The minorities know what it takes to give people the chance they need to feel good about themselves. They also know there are things they don’t have that others do. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Because of this, they are able to clearly see how injustices can have a negative impact on their world. It all goes back to the way they are able to feel good about themselves and the things they can do to make sure they are having a more positive outlook on how things will be in the future.

Part of what has helped Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin make the right decisions is their willingness to give people what they are looking for. It is also something that has continued to show them how things will get better and how everything will make them feel.

The men knew what it would take to bring attention to people who are in different industries and people who are fighting for their rights as minorities. It all goes back to the way they have tried to help and the things they have done to make sure they are functioning members of the societies they are a part of.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin like to help people through different situations. They also like others to know what they are doing and what they are going to be making out of their own lives. Larkin and Lacey have always tried their best and have tried to push forward with the things they are doing for each other.

The ideas the men have all go back to helping people and go back to the rights that minorities need. All of them know there will be things they can do to feel better about themselves. It will give them the chance to grow their own foundation and show people how everything will change under their direction.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are pushing forward to give the minorities the tools they need to make their lives better, they are going to keep growing and keep showing people what they can do to feel good about who they are and the different situations they are in.

Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Top Video Communication Company is Expanding – Opening a New Office in New Delhi

Talk Fusion is one of the world’s leading video communication marketing companies. It was founded in Tampa FL by Bob Reina who is CEO and founder. Talk Fusion has risen to the top of the industry in the past decade, and Reina announced this month that they will be opening a support office in New Delhi, India. This new office will expand services in India, and in surrounding countries. The new office will also becomes a headquarters for training associates in India. Talk Fusion is a direct sales networking company, and this new office expansion offers a significant global business opportunity.


Bob Reina began Talk Fusion with his exceptional Video Email that he and a tech-savvy friend developed when Reina could not find any service to send a 10-second video to his mother in 2004. By 2007, they had an outstanding service, so Reina opened the company and has been working non-stop to make it the best video marketing company in the industry. Today, Talk Fusion offers the only all-in-one solution video package for their customers that include Video Email, Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, sign-ups and an evaluation program for business evaluations.


Guru Lal Singh, an expert in making videos that come to life, has been named by Reina as the manager of the new Indian office. He believes that Talk Fusion will become a leader across India with its unique selling techniques and high-tech, high-quality products, which are marketed by specially trained, independent agents.


Talk Fusion already reaches to over 140 countries, and Reina has implemented a rewarding compensation infrastructure, which encourages his teams to do the best sales. They are paid their commission immediately and do not have to wait days for payment. Additionally, they also compete for fantastic gifts for top sales.


In a recent interview, Bob Reina announced that he would be going to India to meet with the new manager and the team associates that represent the New Delhi office. Learn more: