How’s RAAS Strategy Has Been Revolutionizing the Business Arena in Asia

They say that when people come together, great things happen. As cliché as it might sound, this saying is true and applies even in business, like JD. Com, Asia’s largest e-commerce retailer, proves. Due to the fierce competition that ordinary bookstores have been facing from online storefronts, recently announced its plans to provide e-commerce solutions to 49 traditional brick and mortar bookstores in the region in a strategy dubbed, RaaS, or retail as service. What makes the Raas stand out is that even though boasts its successful online storefront for the book business, it is offering its support to smaller business by providing innovative solutions which not only help them stay in business but also improve their functionality. This is an extraordinary gesture because instead of utilizing its vast resources to knock out its competitors, is setting the bar for other businesses supporting each other by giving a helping hand to the competition.

A glance at the RaaS platform

Some of the offline bookstores which will benefit from this new strategy include Yitiao and AIO Space. The Retail as Service strategy will utilize’s top-shelf technology to modernize the way offline retail businesses operate, thus enabling them to maximize on both offline and online markets. Some of the resources that retailers will enjoy are inclusive of Jingdong’s big data analysis capabilities, and supply chain expertise.

Even though the strategy has been in play for a short while, its success is already evident, as bookstores such as Tangning in Guangzhou have reported a 30% increase in sales since the launch of RaaS, early this year. Before partnering up with, the bookstore only managed 60 book suppliers, but now, it has way more than that and additionally, has had a 17% profit increase since the partnership began. According to statements from the Tangining’s management, the RaaS strategy has helped the bookstore gain a competitive advantage in this highly dynamic and competitive world of business.

A glance at

As mentioned earlier, is one of Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms in terms of revenue. The company was previously known as 360 buy but changed its name to Jingdong in 2013. The retail platform competes with the likes of Alibaba and offers a diverse array of goods in all categories. It is particularly renowned for its high tech capabilities, and also stands out due to its massive drone delivery system. It was established in 1998 but only went online in 2004 and has its headquarters in Beijing.

Paul Mampilly: Industrial Production Boom

Ever since a potential trade for what’s first hinted at in the media, there have been many attempts to sow fear in the hearts of the American people by the media. It can be incredibly confusing trying to wade through all of the information to determine just what you should invest your money in when there is so much misinformation around. Paul Mampilly has recently published his investment newsletter article regarding the potential effects that this trade war will have between the United States and China on the health of the US economy. Paul Mampilly is uniquely positioned to give informed advice to his readers as he has over 20 years worth of his successful investing experience on Wall Street.

Today Paul Mampilly spends most of his time spreading the wealth by crafting and publishing his investment advice articles for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has recently published an article regarding a new potential boom in industrial company stocks in the United States of America as a direct result of the trade war that is occurring between the United States and China. Paul Mampilly says, if you take a small amount of time and actually look at the indicators of economic health such as industrial capacity utilization and industrial production the economy is doing very well.

He believes that the recent agreement by the North American free trade Association which states that any car sold within the US need to have at least 75% of their parts made within the borders of the United States of America will be a huge boost to auto manufacturers. According to Paul the easiest way to get into this market is to purchase an exchange-traded fund which is made up of several different kinds of industrial companies. There are a few exchange-traded funds that have a diverse set of portfolio options. He believes that if you want to make truly large returns on your investment the absolute best thing to do is to target specific companies that put machinery into the economy. It is a growing market and the trend will likely continue to hold true for many years.

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Guilherme Paulus is a Revered Entrepreneur in Brazil

CVC is a tour company based in Brazil. The firm is led by Guilherme Paulus who is also the business leader of the company’s board of advisors. Paulus is also an executive at the GJP Hotels and Resorts. Paulus was an intern at IBM. Many people have been intrigued by Guilherme Paulus’s journey from being an intern to a successful entrepreneur. To understand more about Paulus, Ideamensch engaged him in an interview, and this is what he had to say;

Paulus Talks about the Founding of CVC

When travelling, you might come across an acquaintance whom you may have further contact with in the future. Paulus came across Carlos Vicente while travelling via a boat. Carlos Vicente was a state deputy at the time. He was also interested in the tourism sector, which is why he talked to Paulus about establishing a tourist agency that would operate in Santo Andre. Although Paulus didn’t have the capital to invest in the business endeavor, he came to a consensus with Carlos Vicente. Paulus was to cater for the groundwork, and Carlos Vicente would present the capital to start the business.

Additional Information

Since Guilherme Paulus was passionate about becoming a outstanding entrepreneur, he started working with Carlos Vicente. Their first base of operation was a stall that was located near a cinema. Paulus chose the location following the incredible traffic it possessed. This was a marketing strategy since people had a glimpse of what their business offered. Paulus and Carlos Vicente were partners for four years. Afterwards, they parted ways.As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is always optimistic. He manages his time by implementing a weekly schedule.

Technology has brought forth many positive changes. Through the internet, you can access a lot of information regarding the trends in your business sector among other things. By gaining an in-depth understanding of what your customers want, you can propel your business into the next big thing. This is one of the strategies that Guilherme Paulus has been using to propel the growth of CVC and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Paulus is a revered business leader. He’s also a role model.

Igor Cornelsen Proves To Be An Astute Investment Specialist

When one thinks of the world’s leading investment specialists, one usually pictures a financial leader spending their time in an office on Wall Street or in one of the world’s leading capitals. Not Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian investment specialist spends his time between the golf courses of Florida and the beaches of his home nation as he enjoys his retirement. Despite his changing attitude to work, Cornelsen remains committed to delivering the best possible results to the investors who follow his successful approach to long-term investing.

One of the leading bankers in the history of the Brazilian economy, Igor Cornelsen decided to retire after a long career which brought him undoubted success across various areas of the financial sector. The career of Cornelsen began in earnest in 1970 following the decision of the banker to give up his studies as an engineer and move towards the financial sector when he began working at a bank. Just a few years later, the investment specialist moved into the boardroom of the bank and would find himself as the CEO just two years later.

One of the aspects of his financial career that sets Igor Cornelsen apart is the fact he is willing to search for new markets and different areas of investment to seek out for his own financial future and that of his clients. Now the head of Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen believes too few brokers are willing to look outside the U.S. and established markets in Asia and Europe to find new areas of financial success for the future. There is much to admire in the way the investment specialist achieves success and spends his time reaching for new goals including the use of long-term investment strategies. As the head of numerous banks and financial institutions across Brazil, Cornelsen established his personal strategy for investing which he feels remains a viable option for all in the 21st-century.