Wes Edens Sports and Leadership Ability

Wes Edens is the co-founder and also co- CEO to Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. In the institution, Wes Edens serves in different fields, for example; media, finance service healthcare and transportation.

Before working with Fortress Investment Group, Edens worked with BlackRock Financial Management and the managing director too. He was accustomed to leading the BlackRock asset shareholders.

When Fortress Group bought the Subprime lender Springfield Financial Services, Edens was given the title ‘New King of Subprime Lending‘ by the Wall Street Journal.

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Apart from being a finance leader, Edens is also a sports lover. In 2014, together with his partner, they purchased Milwaukee Bucks being rendered at $550 million. Edens led the energy to give out a new field to the city of Milwaukee for the NBA authorization. Besides, Wes is the financier to eSports as the proprietor of Flyquest, a group of legend players.

Wes is the co-owner of Aston Villa Club Football Club. Aston Villa club is a soccer club situated in Birmingham. It has for several years been an athlete and competitor.

Wes Edens has been the facilitator for the development of ‘Brightline’. Brightline operated as an express intercity traveller rail system in the USA connecting Florida City to Miami.

In 2014, Eden Wes founded Fortress Energy. The project comes in existence to speed up the world’s evolution to clean and renew energy. Only four years since the company’s initiation but it has been termed the worldwide leader in clean energy infrastructure with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plants.

Wes Edens Giving Back to the Society

Wes Eden together with his family established a charitable organization known as ‘The Edens Fund for Climate Change Research’. It is a gift that has initiated an urban challenge within Princeton Environmental Institute. He also gives charity to education and matters to do with health.

Wes Edens serves as the co-chair of Brown school of public health. Eden’s knowledge in health together with research was carried out to emphasize unraveling contagious ailments and environmental well-being threat.

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JD.com celebrates BumbleBee release in China

The biggest retailer in China, JD.com, had a collaboration with Paramount Pictures as well as Hasbro, the company responsible for developing the franchise and commemorated China’s release for BumbleBee, the newest film in the Transformers Universe.

In the film, taking place in the year 1987, the titular character takes shelter in a junkyard somewhere in California. Charlie, played by actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, is searching for herself and her life’s purpose on the eve of her 18th birthday when she stumbles onto BumbleeBee. Charlie brings him back to consciousness and discovers the wonders of a robot she thought was a standard yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

JD.com got together with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro in the year 2017 to show a MISSION RED short film with Optimus Prime and Red Knight, who is solely owned by JD, attempting to keep the emerging fuel source safe from the evil decepticons. There are a total of three short films that, include Panasonic and Chinese menswear company HLA, where Red Knight is looking after the energon.

In addition to this, JD and Hasbro are teaming up to create an exclusive Red Knight action figure based on the Transformers short films shown during the celebration of BumbleBee’s release. Since December 29, 2018, the Red Knight action figure has been released but exclusively for JD.

JD even created a “Super BumbleBee Day” in order to drive sales hoping that the advertisement would run during the China January 4 premiere. Due to running the advertisement in support of the film, JD’s massive 300 million plus customers could surely get their hands on BumbleBee-centric merchandise made available by Hasbro, Panasonic and HLA among many other companies. JD sent out countless vans and boxes from their company throughout China to get their BumbleBee-centric designs and such out to their loyal consumers.

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OSI Group McDonalds Longstanding Business Network

They say if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go with others. Well, OSI Group McDonalds boast of over a century of its existence. There must be one or two things that have made this company survive and continue to expand in other geographical regions. It is in common knowledge how the company started off; having been founded by a German Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as a butcher shop, which quickly expanded to become a retailer, open other subsidiary stores and today is a multinational.

OSI Group has successfully managed to maintain their food quality and safety standards at par which has made it very easy to attract customers. Customers service, satisfaction, and delivery are elements the management is keen to observe. OSI Group McDonalds has then become one of the prestigious class of leaders that many would gladly accept to be associated with. OSI Group has made some incredible association with other leading companies in the food business. In the Philippines, in collaboration with Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation, it was able to establish a processing plant.

It has an affiliation with Tyson Foods based in Chicago, Dove Valley, Amick Farms, GW Padley Poultry and Baho Foods in Dutch. This has been made possible as OSI Group McDonalds has been acquiring other companies in a bid to establish itself in other markets. OSI Group in the line of business has developed many stakeholders from retailers to wholesalers and business that they co-package for. Some of the leading fast food companies it supplies to is McDonalds, Papa John’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, and KFC. It has just launched a new facility in Spain from the Flagship Food Group.

About OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by a German Immigrant as a meat shop for the immediate community. Today, this food processor is one of the largest private companies in the United States. It majorly deals with value-added food substances such as dehydrated onion, pizza, pork, beef, chicken, eggs, and vegetables. OSI Group has strict operation standards that ensure it sells fresh and health products.

About OSI Group McDonalds: craft.co/osi-group

Adam Milstein backs Jewish unity

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in the real estate business. He is one of the people who has made the great step of supporting the activities of the Jewish community in the United States. He has been pushed to support the activities of the community after seeing the threat which has been posed by agents of hate. Anti-Semitism is still a huge challenge for the community. In the United States, the issue is causing jitters among the supporters of the Jewish community as there has been a significant increase in the vice. The trend is worrying, to say the least. It has received the backing of the radical right and leftists who have been incorporated in the hate agenda by the radical Muslims.


It is in light of such challenges that Adam Milstein has made sure that there is a step taken to stop the radical groups from having their way. It would be sad if western countries would allow anti-Semitism to spread. It would be a defeat of democracy if such groups were to have their way. It would also be a win for terrorism as the radical Muslims are the same people behind terrorism in the world and the unrest that is seen in the Middle East.


The dream of the radical groups is to have a Jewish community that is weak and which cannot stand on its own. When such a thing happens, they will move in an attack the country further until all the Jews are eliminated in the Middle East. This is the tragedy of the matter. Adam Milstein is, however, one of the people who are ready to stand with the community and stop cases of anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein believes that the Jews can only win this war by working closely together to fight off cases of discrimination. When the community is united, it cannot fall apart under pressure from the enemies.


Adam Milstein is the founder of a philanthropic organization known as the Adam Milstein Family Foundation and another organization known as the Israeli-American Council. These organizations have been working with the Jews living in the United States to create unity among themselves and support their motherland.



Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert Continues to Leave His Mark on the World

Louis Chenevert has made a name for himself in the corporate world. His jobs have ranged from being a production manager to being the CEO of United Technologies. He also served as an advisor to Goldman Sachs. He is Canadian by birth. One of the things that everyone can embrace is that it does not matter how a person started out, but where a person ends up.

Louis Chenevert has always had a feel for what he wanted to accomplish. He was also willing to work hard for what he wanted to achieve. Determination was also a key driving force that eventually compelled him to the top of his game. The key to his success is in the early years of his life. Education was his stepping stone.

Chenevert majored in production management at the HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal. He studied how companies make products with respect to the highest quality, speed, and lowest cost. These are the business elements that can lead to higher profits. His goal, wherever he found employment, was to make sure he had a hand in the company’s success. Quite often, the success of a company lies in production management.

His first taste of corporate success was his role with General Motors where he managed the assembly line in Montreal. He formed a great working relationship with Hachey, who would promote Chenevert whenever he, himself, received a promotion. Chenevert honed his management and decision-making skills in this role. On the vehicle production line, there is little margin for error. One hour of mistake time could have resulted in 60 or more defective vehicles.

From there, Chenevert migrated to Pratt & Whitney. Here, he made his mark and went on to work for United Technologies Corporation. Today, Louis Chenevert loves building modern yachts.