As Valentine’s Day is looming closer so is the premiere of Isn’t It Romantic. As some wait for the day of love, some are counting down the days to the release of the film. It is a rom-com with a cast that is very talented. One of the people that stand out in the movie is the beautiful Rebel Wilson.

She plays the role of Natalie who is the main character in the romantic comedy. Natalie is a professional architect that lives in the city of New York. She is a hard worker who puts her best in her work every day.

Despite not receiving the acknowledgment from her bosses, Natalie keeps maintaining her excellent job. One thing about Natalie is that she is not a believer in love and has consequently never fallen in love. She is yet to meet her Mr. Right and live together happily.

After encountering a thief on her way from work, Natalie loses consciousness when knocked on the head.

She regains consciousness and finds herself in another universe which is unlike the real world. To come back home, Natalie must fall in love and achieve true happiness.

Rebel Wilson perfectly fits the role and is sure to entertain the viewers with her sense of humor. It is safe to say that she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, a feat that she has achieved on her own. Rebel first began her career back in Australia where she was brought up. Her first performances were in the theater before shifting to the film industry.

Rebel was born in 1980 and lived with her mother and siblings. She was shy and timid back then, but with time she managed to gain her confidence. She attended an all-girls high school where she graduated in 1997. Before joining the university, she worked as a Rotary Ambassador for a Youth Program in Australia.

The program required traveling, and that’s how she ended up in South Africa contracting malaria that led her to hallucinate of winning an Oscar. She was intrigued by the dream and wanted to make it a reality. She came back and joined the University of New South Wales studying for a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degree. She is also an alumnus of the Australian Theater for Young People.

At ATYP, she won a scholarship that funded her movement to New York City. Rebel has written and produced some stage productions. These include The Westie Monologues, Confessions of an Exchange Student, and Spunks. The Westie Monologues is the production that first brought her to the limelight. From then on, Rebel Wilson is producing one masterpiece after another. When it comes to her job, she never disappoints her fans.

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Betsy DeVos and Education Devotion

Betsy DeVos is one of the top figures in politics. She was appointed to the 11th Office of the US Education Secretary in 2017 by President Trump. Ever since, she has been the target of criticism from many educators, most of whom work in the public school system. While Trump has said that Common Core will be ended during his administration, DeVos has taken a more cautious approcah to changing education policies at the federal level.


In a recent interview, she talked to Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” about the state of education and whether she thought that her programs had any success. She talked about the length of time to see if a program was successful. After all, it’s over 30 years for standardized testing scores to rise, and DeVos still doesn’t believe that standardized testing is an accurate measure of school success.


DeVos has always fought for education reform. She grew up in a household with a mother who was a teacher, and she pursued politics, wanting to affect change around her in multiple areas. She originally joined the student government at Calvin College, and upon graduating, she worked on the Gerald R. Ford campaign. Over the years, she developed an affinity for education reform and began to champion charter schools for their ability to help students.


Educational choice is the answer for areas affected by failing schools. DeVos has been able to get students into private schools and other programs that have helped them feel better about their education and get into programs suitable for their interests. As more programs have been cut from public schools due to budget constraints, students have needed other options.


However, DeVos is humble about the success of these programs. She talks about the state of Florida’s education system, which has the most educational choice opportunities. These include magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools. It’s also the only state with a tuition-based scholarship. DeVos talks about the effects of philanthropy on education as well.


DeVos has donated $35 million to educational charities and organizations, as well as charter schools. Overall, the DeVos Family Foundation has donated over $139 million to different causes, including many cultural arts organizations, healthcare, education, and performing arts.


Since 2018, DeVos has been working on school safety as well. The need for new policies and regulations arose after gun violence in early 2018. Now, DeVos has given schools new policies to help with school safety while not yet requiring guns to be carried on campus to prevent gun violence. It’s clear that these policies will need some time to work.


DeVos will continue to work on educational choice for the next two years, hopefully bringing more choices to students in other states.


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John Holt Addressed the Congregation at the Texas Banker’s Association Conference as a Panelist

NexBank is headed by John Holt who is the current president of the financial institution. John had the privilege of attending the Texas Bankers Association Conference that is held annually. During the conference, people discuss annual strategic opportunities. The conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a panelist, John Holt was actively participating in the Banker Panel discussion. The topic being discussed entailed “Reinventing the Community Banking.” The discussion also entailed embracing innovation.


About the Texas Bankers Association Conference


The conference is held annually, and it is meant for bank executives, consultants, and advisors. When all these professionals come together, they can share ideas about opportunities and challenges that are facing the banking fraternity. All the participants and panelists such as John Holt look at various strategic opportunities through the M&A activity. They also make use of organic growth and branching to identify the various opportunities.


About NexBank Capital Inc.


NexBank is an organization that offers financial and banking services to financial institutions, corporations, and other clients. The firm has been in existence since 1922, and it has been providing wealth management and private banking services since then. The services offered at NexBank are as follows; commercial lending, free checking, money markets, business checking, certificates of deposit, remote deposits, and home mortgages. NexBank also issues agency services for the non-investment and investment-grade loans. Multiple industries such as the healthcare sector, publications, media, pharmaceuticals, paper mills, plastics, oil and gas, real estate, airline, transportation, and hospitality have benefited from the services offered by NexBank.


Additionally, NexBank is a member of the FDIC (the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). The company has also thrived under the leadership of James Dondero who is the chairman of the corporation. The executives at NexBank bring on board their experience and quality leadership skills that have in turn brought about the company’s success.

Wes Edens Sports and Leadership Ability

Wes Edens is the co-founder and also co- CEO to Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. In the institution, Wes Edens serves in different fields, for example; media, finance service healthcare and transportation.

Before working with Fortress Investment Group, Edens worked with BlackRock Financial Management and the managing director too. He was accustomed to leading the BlackRock asset shareholders.

When Fortress Group bought the Subprime lender Springfield Financial Services, Edens was given the title ‘New King of Subprime Lending‘ by the Wall Street Journal.

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Apart from being a finance leader, Edens is also a sports lover. In 2014, together with his partner, they purchased Milwaukee Bucks being rendered at $550 million. Edens led the energy to give out a new field to the city of Milwaukee for the NBA authorization. Besides, Wes is the financier to eSports as the proprietor of Flyquest, a group of legend players.

Wes is the co-owner of Aston Villa Club Football Club. Aston Villa club is a soccer club situated in Birmingham. It has for several years been an athlete and competitor.

Wes Edens has been the facilitator for the development of ‘Brightline’. Brightline operated as an express intercity traveller rail system in the USA connecting Florida City to Miami.

In 2014, Eden Wes founded Fortress Energy. The project comes in existence to speed up the world’s evolution to clean and renew energy. Only four years since the company’s initiation but it has been termed the worldwide leader in clean energy infrastructure with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plants.

Wes Edens Giving Back to the Society

Wes Eden together with his family established a charitable organization known as ‘The Edens Fund for Climate Change Research’. It is a gift that has initiated an urban challenge within Princeton Environmental Institute. He also gives charity to education and matters to do with health.

Wes Edens serves as the co-chair of Brown school of public health. Eden’s knowledge in health together with research was carried out to emphasize unraveling contagious ailments and environmental well-being threat.



Hussain Sajwani: a professional who knows when to take risks

Many people desire to become successful personalities. However, the path to becoming a successful figure remains to be very complicated. When people who have this desire have an opportunity to use the edge cutting technology in their activities, they can become great in all the investments they lay their hands on. Great ideas are not common in all people. Risk takers and people who think outside the box like Hussain Sajwani have the potential to become what they want in life. Hussain Sajwani is an influential personality in the world. His vast interests in the catering and real estate markets are what has made him achieve some of the wildest dreams he had when he was a young man. Although he is performing well while running one of the most successful firms in the world, Hussain Sajwani believes that he is still a work in progress. The journey of the DAMAC founder began in the year 1956.

When Hussain Sajwani attained the age to attend school, his parents enrolled him to one of the government schools because they couldn’t afford the money to spend on private schools. His love for academics was evident when he arrived in school. However, this did not stop him from becoming a star in the school extra-curricular projects. The government was quick to discover his numerous talents, and they offered him a scholarship to go to study abroad. Hussain Sajwani studied registered for his University of Washington, and he laid a great foundation for the career ahead. Studying in an international university was a great idea for the DAMAC owner. The University of Washington has raised very influential personalities, and Hussain Sajwani is among them.

When Hussain Sajwani graduated abroad, he wanted to come back home and use the skills he had received in school. Hussain Sajwani had to work for a short time so that he could raise capital to start his first company that would be focusing on catering services. The company found its way through the global market very first, and it also helped him to venture into real estate. Hussain Sajwani has connected with global figures because of his career.

Genucel and Women Aware are helping out Victims of Domestic Violence.



At times, when a person undergoes any form of abuse, they always incur lowered self-esteem. People may also suffer from violence within themselves as well as self-worth. The violence within yourself is not physical, and it may be in the form of wanting to harm yourself. If you are a victim of low self-esteem, you may look for a solution that will help to appreciate your personal worth. You can also seek assistance from mental health professionals and survivors of low self-esteem cases. You will be issued a self-care routine that will help to improve your social and emotional health. Some of the exercises may include self-affirmations and constantly reminding yourself that you are beautiful, loved, and worthy.


When you have low self-esteem, you may channel the negative energy into art or dancing. The creative expressions are also effective. You must also focus on keeping your body healthy by exercising and indulging in good hygiene routines. At times, when you focus on positivity, you may be able to overcome the post-abuse trauma. Since women and children are usually victims of such acts, companies such as Genucel are trying to offer their assistance to such individuals. Genucel is also providing the Women Aware organization with “beauty bags.” These bags contain toiletries and products produced by Genucel.


Women Aware is a not-for-profit corporation that is situated in Middlesex, New Jersey. The organization offers its support to the families that have undergone a case of abuse within this region. In New Jersey, cases of domestic violence are rampant, which is why Women Aware is concentrating on this region. Additionally, women, men, and children are all victims of domestic abuse in areas such as New Jersey. Nevertheless, women come about as the victims in most cases. Women Aware was established in 1981. The foundation has been providing shelter, food, and a recovery program for the women and families who have undergone any form of abuse in New Jersey, reports



The people who reside in Middlesex County have access to recovery education programs and shelter in case they have undergone any form of abuse. If any individual in Middlesex County feels distressed, they may get in touch with Women Aware through the organization’s hotline. The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk was also held as a way of helping out the victims of domestic abuse. The funds raised during the charity walk were used to support the Women Aware foundation. Supporting such a cause makes a huge difference in the lives of many individuals.


Heriot-Watt University has Announced Gareth Henry Mentoring Program & Access Bursary

Gareth Henry has successfully built his finance sector career. Currently, the respected man has become a sought-after investment account’s manager. Gareth Henry is an alumnus of Heriot-Watt University, one of the best research school around the globe for the industry as well as business. The University is very famous for producing employable graduates that lead when it comes to complex research. Gareth Henry pursed actuarial mathematics & statistics and graduated back in 2001.

Heriot-Watt University recently announced a funded scholarship for undergraduates from Gareth Henry. He is offering a bursary for some selected students, he will coach as well as mentor the students in order to enhance a great career growth that is long term.

Gareth is based in New York, he has successfully managed to accomplish senior tasks in investor relations for several years. What he does, is to extol Actuarial math’s that are offered in Heriot-Watt University relevance to students that will pursue finance in the near future. According to his statement, he will be providing 1(one) call each term in which there are only 3 in a year. He strongly hopes that via this bursary actuarial science students will know what they can get and achieve via working hard in their studies.

The determined man strongly believes that the university program’s quantitative modeling & scholastic process lessons will be extremely essential in future, taking of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and understanding of technology as quantitative and robo-advisory investing grow in sought-after with investors.

The United Kingdom actuarial profession accredits a bachelor’s degree of Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University; there only a few universities that are accredited. A great performance can result in an exemption from multiple professional examinations, which gives graduates of mathematics courses an advantage.

The best part is that those UK Actuaries’ graduates can easily get credit with North America’s Actuaries society. The truth is that a graduate with a global course background can find it technical to get into the world of finance. Those who will benefit from Gareth Henry scholarship need to be from the United Kingdom, showing financial need and pursuing Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics.

How Renew Youth is Changing Lives

If you are older and aging by the day, you know how difficult it is for you to feel good about yourself. As a person ages, their natural level of hormones continues to go down and you might not like the way that you look and feel. For this reason, a lot of people are choosing to make use of Renew Youth because of how amazing their treatment products can be. Their line of hormone replacement therapy products are ideal for both men and women who are tired of feeling badly about themselves and know that they need a change right now.

You are going to want to take a look at about Renew Youth is able to offer to you and why a lot of people choose this line of products for themselves. You will find that this helps you to feel good and know that you are doing something positive for yourself. No longer do you need to feel bad about the way that you feel and look. Now is the best time for you to take a look at the Renew Youth website and see what they can do for you if this is something you feel you can benefit from.

You will find that the research put behind every single one of the Renew Youth products is much more than you would find with any other choice out there. For this reason, a lot of people have chosen to utilize this company and are noticing that they have the products right for them without it being overly expensive. Now is a good time to check out Renew Youth and see for yourself why this amazing company can be everything that you want it to be when you are looking to find anti aging products that are going to work for you.

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Herbalife and Its Interesting Projections for 2019

Herbalife has seen remarkable growth over the years. The brand has expanded globally into unchartered waters not to mention the spread of its portfolio. Conservative figures indicate a 67% growth in 2018. This contradicts the general industry decline by 0.1%. Herbalife has successfully remained relevant and contends for the top spot with other industry heavyweights.

Herbalife took an unprecedented step of expanding its range of products. While the name may give the impression of a niche business model; the company has successfully ventured into sports nutrition, weight management, and targeted nutrition. It is this diversity that caters for the distinct tastes and preferences of the customer base. This expansion has seen an increase in volume sales. The sales can be attributed in the rapid growth in the just-completed year. Coupled by improved additional flavors to the traditional Herbalife brands, the customer has been spoiled for choice. In the 51 countries that Herbalife has a presence has seen the introduction of 58 new brands. The move takes into consideration the difference in culture and consumer habits in various countries.

Herbalife equally, has made a deliberate effort to ensure its sales model of direct selling remains a primary source sales volume. Direct selling offers the company insight into consumer sentiment. Perhaps it can be safely assumed that certain tailor-made new products come against this backdrop.

There is always a nexus between a company’s performance and its stock price. So relevant is this, that the surge in Herbalife Nutrition stocks can be attributed to its sterling performance regarding units pushed best management practice, innovation of new products, and expansion into new frontiers. These serve to boost investor confidence and market value of a company. For both long-term and short-term investors, the stock automatically becomes attractive due to the projected gains. The success of the new product lines serves as a reminder of the potential of the products after customers become more aware of them.

Figures indicate that the majority of Herbalife sales happen in the top 10 nations of the globe. Considering this, new products and rapid expansion, one can safely extrapolate the boom that is soon to follow when the new markets fully embrace Herbalife products. However, it doesn’t dispute the fact that there is still room for volume sales, more innovation and much success in the years that follow.



The career and philanthropic involvements of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a woman who wears many hats, not only is she an expert in creative media and marketing strategies, she is also an avid philanthropist. Doramus is passionate about being of help to humanity and it is the reason she is heavily engaged in a handful of charitable organizations.

In her wildly successful career, Doramus has worked with various top organizations such as Mindshare, J.Crew, and Stila. Doramus has also established herself as an expert writer and has had her work published in several top-selling books including What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide, Decades: A Century of Fashion, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations, and Taste-Test Your Way to the Main Course. Doramus has also written for many popular publications including Trendcentral, The Cassandra Report, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today.

Victoria Doramus is a decorated professional in her field, but her involvements with philanthropy is what breathes life into her veins. No one is better positioned to help young adults, especially women, overcome and beat addiction more than Doramus. Having had to overcome alcohol and drug addiction in her life, Doramus knows first-hand how tough the journey is and it is the reason why she is involved with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Army Winehouse Foundation helps young people dealing with addiction in their recovery journey.

The Foundation main goals include sensitizing young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol misuse and encouraging those struggling with addiction to seek treatment. Army Winehouse Foundation also uses music as an instrument to help the young addicts in their personal development. Doramus is fully supportive of the foundation as she knows the importance of having a mentor when overcoming addiction.

Victoria Doramus holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder. Additionally, Doramus attended the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, the United Kingdom where she took one-semester studying Foundations of Western Art and Contemporary Design. Victoria Doramus worked for popular New York City television and film producer, Mr. Peter Berg, as a personal assistant. Doramus also worked at the Creative Artists Agency and also worked at Trendera as the West Coast Director.