Genucel and Women Aware are helping out Victims of Domestic Violence.



At times, when a person undergoes any form of abuse, they always incur lowered self-esteem. People may also suffer from violence within themselves as well as self-worth. The violence within yourself is not physical, and it may be in the form of wanting to harm yourself. If you are a victim of low self-esteem, you may look for a solution that will help to appreciate your personal worth. You can also seek assistance from mental health professionals and survivors of low self-esteem cases. You will be issued a self-care routine that will help to improve your social and emotional health. Some of the exercises may include self-affirmations and constantly reminding yourself that you are beautiful, loved, and worthy.


When you have low self-esteem, you may channel the negative energy into art or dancing. The creative expressions are also effective. You must also focus on keeping your body healthy by exercising and indulging in good hygiene routines. At times, when you focus on positivity, you may be able to overcome the post-abuse trauma. Since women and children are usually victims of such acts, companies such as Genucel are trying to offer their assistance to such individuals. Genucel is also providing the Women Aware organization with “beauty bags.” These bags contain toiletries and products produced by Genucel.


Women Aware is a not-for-profit corporation that is situated in Middlesex, New Jersey. The organization offers its support to the families that have undergone a case of abuse within this region. In New Jersey, cases of domestic violence are rampant, which is why Women Aware is concentrating on this region. Additionally, women, men, and children are all victims of domestic abuse in areas such as New Jersey. Nevertheless, women come about as the victims in most cases. Women Aware was established in 1981. The foundation has been providing shelter, food, and a recovery program for the women and families who have undergone any form of abuse in New Jersey, reports



The people who reside in Middlesex County have access to recovery education programs and shelter in case they have undergone any form of abuse. If any individual in Middlesex County feels distressed, they may get in touch with Women Aware through the organization’s hotline. The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk was also held as a way of helping out the victims of domestic abuse. The funds raised during the charity walk were used to support the Women Aware foundation. Supporting such a cause makes a huge difference in the lives of many individuals.


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