The Answer To Hair Problems: Wen By Chaz Dean; A Real-Life Story Of Transformation

I must admit, I was very skeptical at first. Products by Chaz Dean sounded too good to be true, and when something sounds that way, it usually is. Boy was I wrong! WEN is quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for my hair.

Admittedly, it was weird to apply this conditioner-like substance to my hair and achieve no lathering results. I was so conditioned (no pun intended) to wet, lather, rinse that I didn’t realize I was being manipulated by shampoo companies for years. Lathering is an additive that is used for that appearance of cleaning. It isn’t actually doing anything but harming your natural oils in your locks. After watching a YouTube ad for Chaz Dean’s Wen product, I knew I had to try it. It couldn’t be all just completely fabricated results, right?

Cleansing conditioner is appropriately named. It is nourishing and natural, and when my hair was rinsed clean I immediately felt the difference. My hair did not feel stripped as it does with some shampoos, it felt amazing. Smooth, sleek and healthy from root to tip. I could not believe the immediate difference. Once my hair dried, I did not see the usual frizz and poof that normally graced my head. It was unlike anything I had ever used before with results unlike anything I had ever felt before!

Wen by Chaz Dean is available on Amazon in several fragrances that do not come from harsh chemicals. There are no sulfates, either. The fragrance choices are natural essential oils and paired with the natural ingredients that are completely unique to Wen, there is no substitution. I have long, thin hair but a lot of it. When using traditional shampoos, I find myself needing split ends trimmed much more often. I must use large amounts of conditioner, and other products just to maintain manageability. That ended with Wen by Chaz Dean. Follow Wen on Twitter @wenhaircare.

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