Chris Burch: NYC v& Nihi Sumba Island


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The private beach at Nihi Oka spa retreat. @nihiwatu #nihigram

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Christopher Burch, who is the founder of a New York-based company called Burch Creative Capital, has proven himself to be highly experienced with the expansive background of his involvement regarding investing and entrepreneurship. To go along with this history is also how he can create the perfect form of innovation and implementation when he has worked with surprising success, all thanks to his knowledge and dedication to serving customers. Some of these parts of his Burch Creative Capital portfolio include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and the subject of this article, Nihi Sumba Island (formerly known as Nihiwatu).

Chris Burch has been involved with Nihi Sumba Island since 2012 along with co-owner James McBride. As a result of the acquisition, Nihi Sumba Island became one of the greatest resorts, all due to the investments made from the success it has brought forward. For a history lesson regarding the Nihi Sumba Island, the ancient Marapu migrated to the island’s beach, read ( Legends say that its Marapu spirit keeps the island safe as well as having it as an attraction for anyone that is willing to honor the heritage that the island has.

It’s because of this legacy that Nihi Sumba Island that made Burch want to be involved with expanding the island’s resort, and because of the interest, he and his partner decide to be involved with having the location be a property for tourists. Thanks to their involvement, Nihi won the title of #1 Hotel in the World for two years straight, know more details on


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