Quality Education Is Finally Accessible To All Students Due To Rocketship Education’s Efforts

Improving the quality of education is Rocketship Education’s goal and so far they are doing an amazing job in districts across the United States. Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization which means they require funding from outside sources to operate, and thanks to various investors and donators such as Andre Agassi, Rocketship has more than enough funding to continue expanding. Since opening in 2006, Rocketship has been revolutionizing the standards for quality education, and they have done so for all students, especially those from low-income families. The majority of the 25,000 students that were enrolled in Rocketship schools were from underprivileged families in 2017.

The teachers at Rocketship Education are not only excellent, but they are dedicated to improving the quality of education present in the educational system. To date, Rocketship Charter schools have improved various aspects of the learning process for students, creating a foundation for success that transcends a students schooling. Rocketship schools have sent forth some of the highest scoring students in the entire country, but even more important is the principles that are instilled into every student throughout the curriculum. Rocketship Education’s unique system works in various steps to ensure every single student is able to reach their potential. This not only includes grades but the behavior of the students and their attitudes towards education in the first place.

With greater communication and one-on-one learning, students feel greater motivation towards their schoolwork and have a more positive outlook on the school community. More students are engaged in the classroom and far fewer students are absent from classes or school activities which leads to higher scores on tests and group projects as well. Rocketship Education knows how important every student’s education is since they are the future leaders of tomorrow. Providing today’s youth with the proper skills and lessons to excel in the future will be crucial to humanities success. Rocketship Education has recently made plans to continue expanding into new communities around the country and thanks to donators and budget improvements, they will open at least three more schools in the next few years.

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