Michael Lacey is a Math Wizard

Michael Lacey is a mathematical professor who currently has tenure at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was born in September 1959 and it became apparent very quickly that he was a prodigy in the area of mathematics. In fact, he is hailed around the world as one of the greatest mathematicians from the United States of America.


Michael Lacey would receive his PhD from the University of Illinois while studying under Walter Philip. In 1987 he was able to publish his thesis in the area of probability concerning Banach spaces. In addition to this accomplishment, he was able to solve a complicated problem related to the law of integrated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. Apparently that is a problem that keeps some people up at night. Since that time, he has continued publishing his work and has thoroughly expanded the areas of probability and harmonic analysis.


His first postdoctoral job came when he received employment from the Louisiana State University. After this, he would go on and take another job at the University of North Carolina is located in Chapel Hill. While teaching at the University of North Carolina he would continue working with his mentor Walter Philip to solidify their proof concerning central limit theorem. At this time, their conclusions seem irrefutable.


Lacey would go on to continue publishing dozens of peer-reviewed papers concerning algebra and calculus.


He would gain a position at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. While he was working here he would receive the National Science Foundation postdoctoral Fellowship and while he had tenure through the Fellowship he worked on the bilinear Hilbert transform.


Michael Lacey would gain his current spot of employment in 1996. This is the year he became a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here he teaches the classes of linear algebra as well as calculus. Michael Lacey is a mentor to many of the pre-doctoral students as well as the doctoral students looking to write their dissertations or gain their PhD’s.


He is a receiver of the Guggenheim Fellowship award for over $42,000 for research.

Jeremy Goldstein’s View on Stock Options

A significant number of companies have stopped offering their employees with stock options. The measure was taken by firms as a way of increasing profitability by saving on running costs. However, the reason behind the sudden change is more complex. Most companies stop providing knockout options due to various reasons. For example, stock options can appear worthless to staff members where economic challenges arise. The other reason is that a company may incur additional costs that may lead to financial burdens. Also, employees may stop enjoying benefits when the value of stock options goes below a particular value.



Despite the above setbacks, stock options are still better than equities, additional wages, and insurance among other benefits enjoyed by employees. The reason behind stock options being more beneficial is the fact that employees can understand them more easily. With stock options, the employees in any given company get the same value. If a company’s value increases, the earning of each employee increase due to the stock options offered. As a result, employees feel motivated to harder than before thus increasing sales and improving customer relations. Employees also ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised because clients lead to increased company profits. Employees also understand that if the company’s income increases, they earn more from it. This motivates them to work hard.


However, specific Internal Revenue Service orders present challenges when offering equities to staff members. This situation occurs when companies only compensate top officials. Businesses that only offer top employees with compensation may suffer increased taxes if they decide to provide equities to staff. It is worth noting that tax cannot increase if a company offers stock options.


Offering stock options enables companies to avoid incurring excessive costs. Such firms should come up with the most effective strategies for significantly reducing initial costs and different types of expenses. The most suitable strategy for such company is embracing the ‘knockout’ as a way of creating a barrier. Companies should note that stock options have different vesting requirements. Stock options are also subject to time limits. If the share value of an organization drops below a set limit, an employee may lose stock options which is not a desirable thing.


Jeremy Goldstein is among the founding members of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His company is helpful to companies and individuals because it offers them insightful advice. The company serves investors, leadership teams, and CEOs among others. The company is widely known to offer incredible services such as corporate transformation, compensation inquiries, and corporate governance.


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