Securus Technologies Wins Big

The state of Texas in the United States of America is home to Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies specializes in the area of technology safety and they have been providing this service to the United States of America for around 30 years. Their offices can be found from coast-to-coast since they cover over 1000 presence and ensure the safety of 1.2 million prisoners. Their products are mainly used by law enforcement and correctional officers both in the prison system and outside.


Securus Technologies takes pride in knowing they can handle any security measure that inmates may throw at them. Around six years ago, a new problem developed the Securus Technologies has sought to end. This is the problem of citizens using a hobby drone to deliver contraband items to inmates who are locked inside the prison system.


These hobby drones pose a serious danger to the citizens that live in the area but even more to the correctional officers and prisoners inside. These hobby drones are flown over the prison walls and they land generally inside the courtyard were they drop off a box of harmful goods. Eight times out of ten this box includes some sort of amalgamation of drugs and cell phones and weapons. These drugs are used to barter inside the prison system, these cell phones are used to continue planning crime on the outside, and the weapons are used to kill off other inmates.


Securus Technologies does not want anyone to come to harm so they have begun working tirelessly to stop the threat of the drone. It is their belief that they can use existing technology to deter these drones from coming over the walls of the prison.


Securus Technologies already has a program in place called Wireless Containment Solutions. This has traditionally been used to detect and intercept cell phone signals coming into and out of the prison. Securus Technologies believes with a little altering they can use the Wireless Containment Solutions to have the same effect on hobby drones. After working with experts in various fields, they have the first tool they need.


Wireless Containment Solutions is now capable of detecting drones as they come into a 1000 foot radius of the prison. After a drone has been detected, they are able to send a scrambled signal to the drone causing it to fly erratically. This erratic behavior will often cause the drone to crash. While Securus Technologies would love to see better technology in this area, they understand the need to work at it.


Securus Technologies has recently been awarded three Stevie Awards because of their innovation a great work in the areas of customer service. They received first, second, and third place.


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